Walk for Health 2017

Walk for Health
Walk for Health
Walk for Health

About the Project

This was the second edition of the “Walk for Health - Invite Your Doctor!” promoted by Eleven Zett Productions. The event was held On May 7, 2017, near the Polish Olympic Committee, and was organised by the Surprised by Age Foundation, which is part of Exercise Is Medicine in Poland, in cooperation with the 6th edition of the Vegan Run. The concept of ​​the walk was not only to encourage outdoor physical activity, but also bring together generations, people from different parts of the community and with various illnesses, and build social responsibility and health awareness.

Thanks to the commitment of the agency to promote the walk, 14 articles were created, including 11 dedicated texts for selected portals. Eleven Zett Productions acquired a total of 16 media patrons (including AbcZdrowie.pl, Poradnik Zdrowie, Swiat Zdrowia, Portale Medyczne, Media Planet and Polityka Zdrowotna) and the honorary patronage of the Polish Olympic Committee, the Ministry of Health, the Warsaw Medical University, the City of Warsaw and the National Institute of Senior Economy. The agency was also responsible for coordinating the event on the spot and inviting guests, among others, the Rector of WUM Prof. Miroslaw Wielgos, who took part in the event.

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