It is our pleasure to recommend Eleven Zett. We are very satisfied with the effects of our cooperation, which is why we intend to continue our joint activities in the future. It is worth cooperating with an agency you can trust, because it perfectly diagnoses our needs and appropriately selects methods for fulfilling tasks which it has been delegated.

Professor Dariusz Dudek
Director of the New Frontiers in Interventional Cardiology (NFIC Krakow)

We appreciate the accurate observations of the Eleven Zett team, their experience in the healthcare industry, and their ability to use all the available tools and capabilities to most effectively promote our events and projects. This is extremely important when a new initiative such as Medical Fitness is being introduced in Poland. It is defenitely worth taking the time to find out more about the achievements and experience of this company.

Anna Plucik-Mrożek, M.D.
President of the Surprised by Age Foundation

We highly regard Eleven Zett’s ability to build a positive atmosphere of cooperation, their effective and rapid response to current situations, and their knowledge and experience in managing projects related to cardiology, which has translated into high-quality substantive texts promoting the “Preventive Cardiology” conference.

Professor Piotr Jankowski
Chairman of the Organising Committee of the SPiE PTK “Preventive Cardiology” Conference

During our cooperation, Eleven Zett has demonstrated great commitment and integrity in its work. It has consistently achieved all the goals it was set and thus responded to all our needs. I highly recommend Eleven Zett Productions as a trustworthy partner, which can be entrusted with the promotion of projects and organisation of events.

Dr. Zbigniew Siudak, MD, PhD
President of the Cardiovascular Center Foundation

Eleven Zett Productions offered an interesting promotional strategy for the 8th edition of EuroCTO - 8° Experts “Live” CTO Workshop 2016 - on the subject of chronically occluded coronary arteries and the technologies used in their treatment. Despite the fact that this was a highly specialist conference, Eleven gained many media sponsors. Through effective action and media activity, there was a significant number of publications about the EuroCTO workshops. Thanks to Eleven Zett’s efforts, our workshops were also supported by the City of Krakow, whose patronage was very important to us.

Professor Leszek Bryniarski
Director of the EuroCTO Workshops

Our cooperation with Eleven Zett resulted in a number of very interesting articles promoting electrotherapy and showing the specific problems of our patients. This enabled us to increase awareness among patients about heart rhythm disorders.

Dr. Oskar Kowalski, MD, PhD
President of the Heart Rhythm Section of the Polish Cardiac Society

You can feel safe with Eleven Zett. All tasks were perfectly carried out, I would like to emphasise the agency’s reliability, absolute adherence to agreements and deadlines, and on many occasions going beyond the framework of agreements. Eleven Zett is an agency you can rely on. It is certainly a company that we can recommend with a clear conscience.

Dr. Stanisław Bartuś, MD, PhD
President of GVM Carint

Eleven Zett did not have an easy task. It faced the challenge of organising six events with doctors and patients in six different cities in a very short time. The strategy and solutions proposed by Eleven Zett exceeded our expectations. The agency’s enthusiasm and commitment made us feel confident about all the events. We are very impressed by its professionalism.

Dr. Zbigniew Siudak, MD, PhD
President of the Cardiovascular Center Foundation

Eleven Zett Productions’ PR activities have had many positive effects on our company’s image, All projects were completed professionally, efficiently and on time. The company performed its tasks with great commitment, suggesting various innovative solutions and tools for the implementation of projects.

Marcin Pasternak
President of Intercard

Eleven Zett proposed an interesting strategy to promote the WCCI congress and people associated with it, and it effectively accomplished this strategy by providing us and our Congress constant attention of the media, as well as many publications and interviews. Thanks to the Eleven Zett’s efforts, the WCCI congress acquired 24 media patrons and an honorary patronage of the Ministry of Health for the first time in history.

Professor Adam Witkowski
Director of the Warsaw Course of Cardiovascular Interventions (WCCI Warsaw)

We are very pleased with our cooperation with Eleven Zett, which is why we will continue our joint activities in the future. We highly recommended this agency.

Professor Dariusz Dudek
Director of the New Frontiers in Interventional Cardiology (NFIC Krakow)

Eleven Zett completed all its objectives in record time, proposed interesting solutions for internal and external communication, and provided many reliable and important publications and broadcasts.

Dr. Zbigniew Siudak, MD, PhD
President of the Cardiovascular Center Foundation

Thanks to Eleven Zett’s commitment, consistency, and passion, a campaign for such a specialised treatment as TAVI reached not only policymakers but also patients and journalists. A huge success was that the campaign, reaching 11 million people throughout Poland, had a significant impact on increasing the number of TAVI treatments in Poland by 20% during one year of the campaign.

Professor Dariusz Dudek
Coordinator of the Valve for Life campaign

A perfect concept of the campaign and its dynamic implementation ensured the project’s great success. The initiative increased the awareness of a significant number of citizens (over 11 million people confirmed contact with the message of the campaign), as well as in health care policymakers that the number of TAVI procedures in Poland in older people with acquired aortic stenosis is too low.

Professor Adam Witkowski
Coordinator of the Valve for Life campaign

We were impressed by Eleven Zett's great organisation, extraordinary commitment and understanding of the topic, as well as their excellent coordination of multiple activities at the same time.

This agency specialises in creating good relationships and caring for all participants in complex projects, manages time well, and is characterised by high professionalism and very good communication.

Mateusz Kierepka
CEO, MedApp S.A.

It is a great pleasure to work with a company which not only understands its clients’ needs, but also knows how to realise their vision, and offers possibilities for further cooperation and developing the workshops. This is the second year of our collaboration with Eleven Zett and we are very satisfied. The agency is a great content and business partner with whom we intend to continue working in the future.

Professor Adam Witkowski, MD, Ph.D.
Director of the Warsaw Course on Cardiovascular Interventions
WCCI Warsaw

The Polish Cardiac Society works with the Eleven Zett Productions agency to build PTK's image in the media, to support for communication in connection with changes in the health care system, and to support the promotion and organization of industry events.

Eleven Zett Productions is an agency specializing in broadly defined health care, with extensive experience in cardiology, which is particularly important in understanding our needs and effectively implementing our activities that meet them. The Eleven team is made up of people who know the specifics of our work as cardiologists, so it is important to emphasize effective and efficient communication and the ability to design activities that fit our medical needs.

Exceptional engagement, self-reliance, substantive knowledge and excellent organization of work distinguish Eleven from other agencies, which entitles us to recommend co-operation with this company.

Professor Piotr Hoffman
President of the Polish Cardiac Society
Polskie Towarzystwo Kardiologiczne

Professionalism, work experience and the ability to prevent crisis situations makes it possible for us to focus on our medical work and research and we can give media and promotional activities to the experienced and effective Eleven team. The pleasant atmosphere of cooperation, the ability to build positive relationships, and the fact that the media interest lasted long after the end of the project, which only confirms the validity of the collaboration with Eleven Zett Productions.

Proffesor Paweł Buszman, MD, PhD
Chairman of American Heart of Poland
American Heart of Poland