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At Eleven, we believe that what we do is important and has a significant impact. Innovative ideas, new media, effective campaigns, and above all, exemplary relationships with other people are tools for positive changes, on a local, regional, national, and international scale.

Our agency skilfully combines many business and social elements, so that everyone involved can receive and create new values and benefits. We build synergy.

organizacja wydarzeń


We are a leading agency specialising in promotion, identity building, and organisation of events in health care, science, social matters and new technologies.

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We create lasting business relationships. Our aim is to ensure our clients market success, build their positive image, and do everything to satisfy their needs. We create a positive space for business development. We help you succeed by acting professionally, ethically, and responsibly. We identify with the brands of our Business Partners. We speak the language of benefits. We pass on values. We operate effectively and efficiently.

We look forward to working with you