• We change your potential
    into reality

  • We change your potential
    into reality

  • We change your potential
    into reality

  • We change your potential
    into reality

  • We change your potential
    into reality

We operate in health care

We are an agency specialising in promotion, identity building, and organisation of events in health care, science, social matters and new technologies.


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How we operate?

We are guided by honesty, expertise and the highest quality of service.

Our projects

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller

Why Eleven?

Our knowledge, experience and professionalism are visible in the many projects we conduct for our clients each day - medical centres, public institutions, and prominent figures from the fields of science and medicine. Through cooperation with us:

  • Become a partner and let us help you organise a health care debate
  • Start a social and system dialogue
  • Educate and build social awareness
  • Notify about your achievements and successes
  • Build your expert authority in the media and at events
  • Start cooperation with important partners in health care
  • Inform about plans for the development of your centre
  • Professionally communicate with your target group
  • Stay up-to-date and respond to the most important information in the industry
  • Integrate employees by organising events
  • Follow a well-planned strategy
  • Make use of effective modern marketing tools
  • Feel safe in the care of an experienced adviser
  • Cooperate with the best
  • Become a recognisable brand
  • Inspire others

These are just some of the opportunities and benefits of working with our agency in the scope of public relations, the organisation of events, and personal branding. We adapt to your needs. We are looking forward to doing business with you.


  • “It is our pleasure to recommend Eleven Zett. We are very satisfied with the effects of our cooperation, which is why we intend to continue our joint activities in the future. It is worth cooperating with an agency you can trust, because it perfectly diagnoses our needs and appropriately selects methods for fulfilling tasks which it has been delegated.”

    Professor Dariusz Dudek
    Director of the New Frontiers in Interventional Cardiology (NFIC Krakow)
  • “We appreciate the accurate observations of the Eleven Zett team, their experience in the healthcare industry, and their ability to use all the available tools and capabilities to most effectively promote our events and projects. This is extremely important when a new initiative such as Medical Fitness is being introduced in Poland. It is defenitely worth taking the time to find out more about the achievements and experience of this company.”

    Anna Plucik-Mrożek, M.D.
    President of the Surprised by Age Foundation
  • “Our cooperation with Eleven Zett resulted in a number of very interesting articles promoting electrotherapy and showing the specific problems of our patients. This enabled us to increase awareness among patients about heart rhythm disorders.”

    Dr. Oskar Kowalski, MD, PhD
    President of the Heart Rhythm Section of the Polish Cardiac Society
  • “Eleven Zett did not have an easy task. It faced the challenge of organising six events with doctors and patients in six different cities in a very short time. The strategy and solutions proposed by Eleven Zett exceeded our expectations. The agency’s enthusiasm and commitment made us feel confident about all the events. We are very impressed by its professionalism.”

    Dr. Zbigniew Siudak, MD, PhD
    President of the Cardiovascular Center Foundation
  • “A perfect concept of the campaign and its dynamic implementation ensured the project’s great success. The initiative increased the awareness of a significant number of citizens (over 11 million people confirmed contact with the message of the campaign), as well as in health care policymakers that the number of TAVI procedures in Poland in older people with acquired aortic stenosis is too low.”

    Professor Adam Witkowski
    Coordinator of the Valve for Life campaign
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