The Preventive Cardiology Congress 2016

Kardiologia Prewencyjna Piotr Jankowski
Kardiologia Prewencyjna Piotr Jankowski
Kardiologia Prewencyjna Piotr Jankowski

About the Project

The Preventive Cardiology Congress is a conference which has been organised for annually for several years and is dedicated to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. During two days of lectures, participants can learn about the factors that affect the risk of cardiovascular disease, discuss taboo topics, exchange experiences and present the latest research results. On of the reasons the conference is so popular is that it features the Morning Run in the Krakow Planty Park. Eleven Zett was responsible for promoting the event - creating a promotion strategy, press releases, preparing coverage of the event for the media, and providing support for journalists. Articles for the media were prepared on the basis of lectures and interviews which took place during the conference. The congress was also present on social media.


The concept of promotion


Visual identification

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Acquiring patrons and partners

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