The Lilly Diabetes Education Centres

Cukrzycowe Centra Edukacji Lilly
Cukrzycowe Centra Edukacji Lilly
Cukrzycowe Centra Edukacji Lilly

About the Project

The Lilly Diabetes Education Centres aim to educate and increase patient awareness about diabetes. Qualified Educational Nurses and Lilly Diabetes Education Centres, located at health care facilities, were made widely available in order to provide the greatest possible number of patients with free access to knowledge about diabetes. Expert advice on maintaining a proper diet, exercise, and about diabetes itself, are extremely important for patients. Free education for diabetic patients is a unique initiative. All this considerably improves the comfort and quality of life of patients with diabetes. We also cannot forget about the psychological aspect - knowledge provided in the framework of cCEL strengthens patients certainty and confidence.

Thanks to the campaign, about 80 centres were opened throughout the Poland within 6 months from its beginning. 133 Educational Nurses work in the Centres, educating patients about diabetes. Tasks related to the cCEL program also included launching a website, and hotline 0801-388-008.

During the campaign, the company was called MEDall Productions.

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