The Human with Consciousness

Warsztaty Nowoczesnego Dziennikarza Medycznego
Warsztaty Nowoczesnego Dziennikarza Medycznego
Warsztaty Nowoczesnego Dziennikarza Medycznego

About the Project

The Human with Consciousness is one of the flag projects of the Institute of Consciousness aimed at raising social awareness on a micro and macro scale. The focus is on man as an individual but also entire civilization.

As part of the individual approach, the project includes therapeutic and development sessions, lectures, training sessions and workshops with awareness, beliefs, mind programs and life patterns, as well as therapeutic photo sessions - Essence of the Moment and Awareness of Emotion sessions dedicated to families, groups, organizations, couples and individuals.

In the civilization approach, The Human with Consciousness project is carried out by The The Human’s Forum - an international event related to the most important aspects of everyday life in the short and long term: physical health, mental health, ecology, technology, the senior economy, science, spirituality, economics and law. The project aims to draw attention to the need for a comprehensive approach to human development and the continuation of human civilization.

The agency is responsible for expert consultancy in the field of medicine, ecology and new technologies, logistics and project management, interviews, contact with experts and patients as well as building and maintaining relationships with project partners in the public and private sector.


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