Patient with Consciousness

Warsztaty Nowoczesnego Dziennikarza Medycznego
Warsztaty Nowoczesnego Dziennikarza Medycznego
Warsztaty Nowoczesnego Dziennikarza Medycznego

About the Project

“Patient with Consciousness” is one of the flagship projects of the Institute of Consciousness, which aims to raise awareness of patients and their families in the medical, psychological and social aspects. Project activities focus on increasing the recognition of symptoms and awareness of risk factors for civilization and rare diseases, knowledge of treatment methods and consultation centers, as well as building patient responsibility for their own lives and health.

On the other hand, the project gives doctors a chance to learn about the patient's real emotions and everyday problems - the disease stops to be impersonal, or just to be statistics by gaining a "human" face - the face of a real man, and in policy aspect - the "face" of patient organizations, foundations and scientific societies working to build public awareness among patients.

The agency is responsible for expert consultancy in the field of medicine, ecology and new technologies, logistics and project management, interviews, contact with experts and patients as well as building and maintaining relationships with project partners - both in the public and private sector. 


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