Santa's Day of Senior Health

Mikołajkowy Dzień Zdrowia Seniora
Mikołajkowy Dzień Zdrowia Seniora
Mikołajkowy Dzień Zdrowia Seniora

About the Project

On December 6th, 2017, Santa's Day of Senior Health was held in Auditorium Maximum of Jagiellonian University in Krakow. The event was organized as part of the 18th New Frontiers in Interventional Cardiology workshop in partnership with the Cardiovascular Center Foundation. The meeting was supervised by two Polish world-renowned cardiologists - Dariusz Dudek MD, PhD, FESC and Zbigniew Siudak MD, PhD, FESC. The special guest of the event was Cezary Zamana - a road cyclist, multiple representative of Poland and the winner of the Tour de Pologne in 2003.

The aim of the event was to promote proper habits and a healthy lifestyle among the elder people. During the meeting, the participants learned about issues related to the proper prevention of cardiovascular diseases and learned how to safely do sports or how to prepare for physical activity. Seniors could also do basic heart examinations for free, consult with prominent cardiologists or try a relaxing massage. The entertainment aspect of the event was guaranteed by the presentation of the greatest trends of senior women's fashion and a mini recital. The Christmas character of the meeting was provided by a gift lottery with SPA vouchers, foreign trips or professional inhalers.

The event was co-hosted by Ewelina Myłek, CEO Eleven Zett Productions and expert on communication in health care. The tasks of the Eleven team also included coordination and media promotion of the meeting.

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