Polish - Norwegian Seminar

Seminarium polsko-norweskie
Seminarium polsko-norweskie
Seminarium polsko-norweskie

About the Projects

The Polish-Norwegian scientific seminar on the program of secondary prevention in the scope of support obtained from the Ministry of Health from Norwegian grants has resulted in the Heart Schools project, whose initiator was Prof. Dariusz Dudek - a renowned cardiologist from Krakow.

The Heart Schools consist of personal training at a clinic, where, in addition to medical consultation, patients are also provided with information from a diet specialist, a physiotherapist, and a psychologist. This educational event takes place at the most convenient time for the patient to acquire knowledge, i.e. between the third and seventh day after discharge from the hospital.

The seminar, which was the fourth meeting of the Central Patient’s Club with the participation of nurses and doctors from the University Hospital in Oslo, included an announcement about the conclusions from the mutual exchange of experiences.

Our task was to promote the event through PR activities and media relations. We were guests of TVP, nationwide and local television channels and radio stations, as well as newspapers. Eleven Zett also coordinated the meeting on-site.

The concept of Heart Schools is presented at many congresses, conferences and meetings for doctors, patients and journalists.

November-December 2015


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