Patient’s Clubs 2015 and the Cardiovascular Center Foundation

Kluby Pacjenta 2015
Kluby Pacjenta 2015
Kluby Pacjenta 2015

About the Project

The Patient’s Club is a series of meetings and training sessions, in the scope of which the Cardiovascular Center Foundation conducts in southern and south-east Poland health education about heart disease, including its prevention, and modifying your lifestyle. Krakow also hosts the Central Patient’s Club each year, which is a summary of the annual activities of local Clubs. Patients from different cities meet to jointly participate in lectures, workshops and tests conducted by renowned specialists.

The IV Central Patient’s Club Meeting organised in autumn 2015 was part of the two-day conference entitled Heart Schools for the better organisation of health care, patient education and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases, as part of the exchange and international cooperation of Polish and Norwegian cardiologists. The meeting was organised in collaboration with the Oslo University Hospital.

The event included lectures on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, safe physical activities for people with cardiovascular disease, senior policies, and new methods of treatment of structural heart disease. Robert Korzeniowski, the multiple Olympic champion, took part in the discussion panel Physical activity for everyone. The Agency’s task was to build the event’s image and promote it in the media, as well as coordinate relations with partners and key members of the project.

November-December 2015


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