Nordic Walking March

Nordic Walking March
Nordic Walking March
Nordic Walking March

About the Project

On September 9, 2017 in Krynica-Zdrój, the 5th National Nordic Walking March was organized by the Cardiovascular Center Foundation. The march led by Professor Dariusz Dudek and Professor Zbigniew Siudak. The special guest was famous actress Ewa Kuklinska, and warm-up was moderating by Matilda Mozer from Eleven Zett Productions.

The march annually draws more than two hundred people with heart disease and vascular disease. Patients with their mobilization and energy are an excellent example of how quickly and effectively they can be recovered with a bit of daily engagement.

The meeting was also the premiere of an educational film prepared by the Polish Cardiac Society under the campaign "Stawka to Życie. Zastawka to Życie", which promotes the modern aortic valve replacement technique - TAVI, transcutaneous implantation of the aortic valve that is less invasive and safer for patients with high operational risk and sometimes the only rescue for them. The presentation was conducted by Professor Dariusz Dudek and Ewelina Myłek - CEO Eleven Zett Productions.

Cardiologists, cardiologists, world-class specialists have participated in the film, Professor Dariusz Dudek and Professor Adam Witkowski and well-known Polish actress Emilia Krakowska, who is ambassador of the campaign. During the campaign senior meetings will be held at the University of the Third Age and many medical conferences for doctors to familiarize themselves with the TAVI method, not only to improve the quality of life of elderly people, but also to reduce the trauma and, most importantly, shorten the convalescence period after the surgery.

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