Medical Lectures with Poradnik Zdrowie 16.11.2019

Warsztaty Nowoczesnego Dziennikarza Medycznego
Warsztaty Nowoczesnego Dziennikarza Medycznego
Warsztaty Nowoczesnego Dziennikarza Medycznego

About the Project

On November 16, "Medical Lectures", an event organized by one of the most important Polish media devoted to health - Poradnik Zdrowie, debuted at the Bellotto Hotel. Eleven ZETT Productions, IQ, and the Institute of Consciousness had established partnership with the organizer. 

Medical Lectures is a conference addressed to students of medicine and other medical faculties, during which young participants meet with the largest Polish experts in the field of medicine, physiotherapy and public health. The first edition of the event was dedicated to the youngest patients and issues focused around their treatment, such as preventon, feeding and nutrition, motor development, dermatological problems and cancer. Ewelina Zych-Myłek, Expert in Healthcare Communication and CEO of IQ, also presented her lecture Communication with the patient and his parents. During the presentation, Zych-Myłek presented the rules of effective communication between all entities, whose cooperation is an indispensable element on the path to achieving the therapeutic goal. The expert also emphasized the importance of education in the field of prevention of civilization diseases from an early age: at home, school and health facility.


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