Medical Fitness and the Surprised by Age Foundation

Fitness medyczny
Fitness medyczny
Fitness medyczny

About the Project

Medical Fitness is an initiative that is a specialist combination of medical fitness with medicine in the framework of the global Exercise is Medicine project organised in 44 countries around the world.

Medical fitness is based on treatment through sport, which is currently very popular throughout the world. The concept was created in the US under the name Exercise is Medicine. The project greatly appealed to both trainers and doctors. Initially, the programme was present only in the US, but over time became interested in the doctors and coaches from different countries around the world. Recently, thanks to Dr. Anna Plucik-Mrozek, a GP, and fitness coach Małgorzata Perl, therapy through movement reached Poland. A medical fitness pilot programme was conducted in Legionowo for dozens of patients. The concept of medical fitness is based on the treatment of chronic and civilisation diseases, including cancer, through movement. Patients with various diseases are qualified by a doctor for a specially prepared training programme. A diet ideally suited to the patient is an essential part of the health programme.

Eleven Zett is responsible for introducing the concept of medical fitness to Poland in the media, creating the image of the Surprised by Age Foundation and of key figures and experts related to the project. We create concepts of special events, and handle PR, media relations and social media activities. Eleven Zett also co-creates health projects for obtaining grants from the ministry and European programmes.


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