IX Autumn Meeting of Cardiologists

Jesienne Spotkania Kardiologów Lesiak Grajek
Jesienne Spotkania Kardiologów Lesiak Grajek
Jesienne Spotkania Kardiologów Lesiak Grajek

About the Project

The Autumn Meeting of Cardiologists is and event for cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, GPs and family physicians which has been organised annually for the past few years. It raises important issues related to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the scope of modern methods of pharmacologic and interventional treatment, as well as the latest global guidelines, scientific reports, and research. The IX Autumn Meeting of Cardiologists in Poznan featured, for the first time, a session on valvular heart defects and TAVI in the scope of the Valve for Life campaign. The topics included the future of TAVI procedures, as well as new opportunities and the latest research on valves and their durability. The session was attended by Prof. Adam Witkowski, campaign coordinator.

Eleven Zett was responsible for promoting the event - the preparation of press releases, coverage of the event for the media, and cooperation with journalists. Articles for the media were prepared on the basis of lectures and interviews which took place during the conference. A profile was set up for the event on Facebook.


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