Institute of Consciousness

Warsztaty Nowoczesnego Dziennikarza Medycznego
Warsztaty Nowoczesnego Dziennikarza Medycznego
Warsztaty Nowoczesnego Dziennikarza Medycznego

About the Project

The Institute of Consciousness is an interdisciplinary project of Ewelina Zych-Myłek, owner of Eleven Zett Productions and founder of the Institute of Consciousness. The mission of the Institute is to raise awareness and self-awareness in every area of life, both in individuals and in entire societies: health, the surrounding environment, happiness and satisfaction with life, and the pursuit of harmony and beauty.

Institute is a platform for providing solutions that redefine Life and exchange knowledge and experience for the scientific and spiritual world, combining them into one world - the world of Man. The Institute addresses its offer to entire families or business organizations, but also groups, couples and individuals. It provides comprehensive implementation and reconstruction of external and internal spaces, therapeutic and development sessions, photographic therapy sessions, and awareness workshops. The entity also prepares social educational and informational campaigns to raise public awareness.

We invite you to learn about the activities of the Institute of Consciousness on Facebook: @InstytutSwiadomosciNaukaISwiadomosc

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