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Warsztaty Nowoczesnego Dziennikarza Medycznego
Warsztaty Nowoczesnego Dziennikarza Medycznego
Warsztaty Nowoczesnego Dziennikarza Medycznego

About the Project

In the years 2016-2019, the Eleven agency was responsible for public relations and public affairs of the Polish company MedApp, the originator and contractor of the ultra-modern HoloLens goggles, which thanks to augmented reality and data obtained during tests (such as ECG or UKG) create a fully controllable hologram of the patient's heart. Innovation allows doctors to comprehensively prepare for surgery through meticulous analysis of the organ. Goggles also allow contact and voice conversation with other users in real time, offering a new quality of specialist consultations between centers several thousand kilometers apart.

Over the years of cooperation, Eleven has prepared a several dozen expert articles and press informations that have appeared in key nationwide and industry media (medical, technology). The agency also arranged press, radio and TV interviews as well as photo sessions. Thanks to extensive public affairs activities, MedApp employees participated in the most important Polish and world conferences in the medical, medtech, investment and social policy sectors, and presented their product to leading EU politicians during meetings of the European People's Party in Valencia or Riga. Eleven also initiated the first virtual product presentation in real time on the Krakow-Brussels line.

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