Healthy Hearts of Seniors in Nowy Sacz

Zdrowe Serce Sądeckiego Seniora w Nowym Sączu
Zdrowe Serce Sądeckiego Seniora w Nowym Sączu
Zdrowe Serce Sądeckiego Seniora w Nowym Sączu

About the Project

The Intercard Centre for Invasive Cardiology, Angiology and Electrotherapy in Nowy Sacz, the Nowy Sacz City Hall and the State Higher Vocational School in Nowy Sacz on 16 June 2016 organised an educational conference combined with screening tests entitled Healthy Hearts of Seniors in Nowy Sacz for the senior organisations of this city. Famous Polish specialists headed by the distinguished professor from Krakow Dariusz Dudek, a cardiology medical consultant in Nowy Sacz, provided seniors from Nowy Sacz with information on the subject of cardiovascular diseases in terms of possible medical treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation. After the lecture, a press conference was held for journalists. For seniors participating in the conference, there was also a tasting of healthy food and a surprise - a lottery of free screening, including echocardiogram tests, resting ECG, measuring of weight, height, blood pressure, determination and interpretation of BMI, body composition assessment, and a function test based on daily activity.

The conference was the first event organised in a partnership as part of the Strategy for the Development of Nowy Sacz 2020+.

Eleven Zett was given the task of preparing the concept of the event and a strategy for promotion in the media, organising press conferences, coordinating events on-site and conducting PR activities and media relations, along with photo coverage.

May-June 2016


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