“Healthy Dialogue” in Rzeczpospolita

“Healthy Dialogue” in Rzeczpospolita
“Healthy Dialogue” in Rzeczpospolita
“Healthy Dialogue” in Rzeczpospolita

About the Project

"Healthy Dialogue" is a new series of articles in Rzeczpospolita that was launched in May 2018. Texts appearing twice a month concern the most important topics of civilization diseases, health policy in Poland and breakthrough technologies and therapies in medicine.

The National Health Debate initiated by the Minister of Health, and the appointment of experts deciding on the form of the reconstruction of the health care system in Poland prompted a new form of dialogue between decision-makers, specialists and patients, but with wide accessibility. The goal of "Healthy Dialogue" is monitoring the proposals, expert and objective evaluation of the proposed changes, as well as possible additional initiatives by specialists in the field, the implementation of which would be valuable in medical, social and technological aspects.

The articles contain the comments of professors of medicine supplemented with the statements of experts from health care management, economists, representatives of public administration (Ministry of Health, National Health Fund, Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tariff System), patient organizations and other representatives of the NGO sector.

January - May 2018


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