EuroCTO Workshops

Euro CTO Dudek Bryniarski Wójcik
Euro CTO Dudek Bryniarski Wójcik
Euro CTO Dudek Bryniarski Wójcik

About the Project

The prestigious Euro CTO workshops were held for the first time in Poland, and its directors included renowned Polish cardiology professors: Prof. Leszek Bryniarski, MD, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of the I Clinic of Cardiology, Interventional Electrocardiology and Hypertension, and Prof. Jarosław Wójcik, Head of the Hemodynamic Department of the SPSK 4 Cardiology Clinic. One of the founders of this unique on a European scale club of specialists in clearing chronically occluded coronary arteries is Prof. Dariusz Dudek, Head of the II Clinical Department of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Interventions of the Jagiellonian University Medical College.

This specialised event has been organised by the EuroCTO Club annually for the past 8 years in different European cities. In 2016, Eleven Zett was responsible for providing PR services for the workshops. Our task was to prepare a PR strategy and activities. The topic of the workshops was complete revascularization, and it was attended by the best specialists in Europe and the world in this field. We created a PR concept, acquired media sponsorships and partnerships, prepared a number of interviews and topics for the media, and provided personal branding for the workshop directors. Our task was also to coordinate the event on-site.

July-October 2016


The concept of promotion


Visual identification

Press releases

Promotion in the media

Acquiring patrons and partners

Public Relations

Media relations

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