EPP Group Bureau meeting in Valencia

EPP Group Bureau meeting in Valencia
EPP Group Bureau meeting in Valencia
EPP Group Bureau meeting in Valencia

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On 8th and 9th March 2018, Eleven Zett Productions attended a meeting of leaders of the European People's Party held in Valencia, Spain. There the MedApp team (Mateusz Kierepka, CEO) and Eleven Zett Productions (Ewelina Myłek, CEO) represented Poland during the presentation of the latest technologies that combine medicine with IT. The solutions for interventional cardiology using the HoloLens goggle for augmented reality and the telemedicine CarnaLife system (their creator is MedApp) made a great impression on MEPs and other invited guests.

Presentation “Mixed Reality Solutions for Cardiac Electrophysiology & Interventional Cardiology” showed the potential of Polish solutions in the revolutionization of European and world medicine. The IT system using HoloLens allows the surgeon to enter the patient's heart in the form of a hologram, plan the procedure accurately and consult in real time with centers located up to thousands of kilometers away. CarnaLife is a telemedical innovation that allows you to perform remote tests, send digitally obtained data and automatically generate descriptive analyzes that can be only corrected by doctors. During the meeting, Polish representatives also presented implementation of this innovative system in Kenya.

The meeting was attended by members of the European Parliament on behalf of the European People's Party (among others Dariusz Rosati and Michał Boni), members of the European Commission such as Carlos Moedas (Portugal), Phil Hogan (Ireland) and Miguel Arias Cañete (Spain) and also the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy.

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