Eleven was the partner of the Economic Forum in Krynica

Eleven was the partner of the Economic Forum in Krynica
Eleven was the partner of the Economic Forum in Krynica
Eleven was the partner of the Economic Forum in Krynica

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On September 5-7, 2017 the XXVII Economic Congress was held in Krynica-Zdrój. Agency within the social campaign “Stawka To Życie. Zastawka to Życie” was a partner of two panels: "Hospital of the Future" and "Innovation as a response to the needs of an aging society".

The first panel was attended by: Zoriana Chernenko - Chief Medical Officer (RPR) from Ukraine, Professor Dariusz Dudek - Head of II Cardiology Clinic and Cardiovascular Intervention, Cracow University Hospital, Grzegorz Gielerak - Military Medical Institute, Michał Kępowicz - Director of Public Sector Relations, Philips Poland Ltd., Lukasz Szumowski - Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

During the discussion talked about what will bring about a systemic revolution, that is, the law introducing the system of primary hospital health care coverage, the so-called hospital network law. The new model comes into effect as early as October 1, 2017. Speakers talked about the key challenges facing hospitals in the future. Experts have no doubt that these will be highly specialized objects, using innovative solutions.

The second panel was attended by: Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz - President, Polish Peasant Party, Maciej Masłowski - Member of the Polish Parliament, Agata Stremecka - President of the Board, Civic Development Forum, Professor Adam Witkowski - Head of the Department of Cardiology and Interventional Angiology, Barbara Zych - Head, Public Health Care Unit, Care and Maintenance Department, Alla Semenova - Head of the Directorate for Innovative Educational and Technology Programs, Institute of World Civilizations (Russia). The moderator of the meeting was Marzena Rudnicka - President, National Institute of Senior Economy.

During the discussion, they talked about, that the era in which a senior associates with a solitary and technologically excluded person ends. It has been found that the e-seniors age, ie people over 55, are aware of the possibilities of new technologies. The needs of this age group should be taken into account by the creators of new technologies, as innovation can become a prescription for an aging population.

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