Discussion panel at the 10th Europe-Ukraine Forum

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Eleven Zett organised a discussion panel entitled “The treatment of patients from Central and Eastern Europe - benefits for both sides” at the 10th Europe-Ukraine Forum in Rzeszow.

The discussion featured: Stanisław Kruczek, Member of the Board, Marshal’s Office of the Podkarpackie Province, Professor Adam Witkowski, Head of the Department of Interventional Cardiology and Angiology at the Institute of Cardiology in Warsaw, Professor Jaroslaw Wójcik, representing Independent Public Hospital No. 4 in Lublin, Dr. Małgorzata Przysada, Deputy Director of St. Jadwiga Regional Clinical Hospital No. 2 in Rzeszów, Barbara Zych, Director of the Department of Public Health and the Department of Nursing and Care in Tarnobrzeg, Witold Laskowski, a journalist, President of the Board of Służba Zdrowia [Health Service] Sp. z o.o., and representatives of Ukraine - Mykola Shpakovskyi, CEO of UKRMEDSTAR, and Igor Torski, Vice President of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism.

The aim of the panel was to look at the current situation of medical tourism in Poland, as well as explore the potential development of this new business in our country. Cardiac care, post-myocardial-infarction rehabilitation and other specialised therapies, as well as care for the elderly from Central-Eastern Europe, is one of the issues relating to the discussion on the prospects of cooperation with Ukraine in the context of the development of medicine and care for foreign patients. The panelists agreed that this is a big opportunity for financial support for Polish hospitals. Health tourism needs a well-prepared tourism base, and in Poland medical tourism and the opportunities it offers have not yet been popularised, hence the potential of our institutions is not adequately fulfilled.

January 2017


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