Digital Hospital of the Future

Digital Hospital of the Future
Digital Hospital of the Future
Digital Hospital of the Future

About the Project

On 7-8th June the Eleven Zett Productions team participated in the "Digital Hospital of the Future" conference in Krakow, which crowned the 25th anniversary of the Polish Association of Hospital Directors. The assumption of the event was a joint discussion on the vision of Polish healthcare and management of this sector in the perspective of a few, several or even tens of years. The conference combined all issues relevant to the subject: legislation, system, management tools and technological innovations. Thanks to its complexity, "Digital Hospital of the Future" gathered over one hundred participants representing environments of decision-makers, lawyers, medics, med-techsl and, of course, managers.

The moderator of two of sessions was Ewelina Zych-Myłek (CEO, Eleven Zett Productions) who conducted panels entitled “Start-ups in Polish hospitals” and “Social media and digital patients’ education”. Another hot topic of the conference was the systemic debate "Challenges in shortage of resources" with the participation of Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Health, Zbigniew J. Król. The expected but difficult discussion was also part of the session on the EU RODO directive, which was a huge challenge for the healthcare system.

Eleven Zett Productions was responsible for substantive and media support.

June 2018


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