Debates at Rzeczpospolita and other expert panels

Wizja i rewizja_rzeczpospolita_debata
Wizja i rewizja_rzeczpospolita_debata
Wizja i rewizja_rzeczpospolita_debata

About the Project

We organised the Medical Market in Poland: Vision and Revision forum together with the Rzeczpospolita newspaper. It was a series of exceptional discussions on important public issues. Our task was to prepare panel discussions and invite guests. Press releases, articles, materials for the media and photo coverage were prepared based on materials from the debate. These materials were then published in Rzeczpospolita. The list of guests and participants of the debate included the Deputy Minister of Health Jaroslaw Pinkas and the President of the National Health Fund - Andrzej Jacyna, as well as leading medical, economic and legal authorities in Poland.

On the occasion of the Economic Forum in Krynica, we organise expert panels on selected (mostly medical) topics for the participants and guests of the Forum. Topics, panelists and moderators are determined in consultation with partners of the events.


The concept of the debate

Preparation of the programme

Invitation of experts and guests

Press releases

Promotion in the media

Acquiring partners

Public Relations

Media relations

Personal branding

Social media

Media monitoring

Photo and video coverage