III Industrial Forum in Karpacz

III Forum Przemysłowe w Karpaczu
III Forum Przemysłowe w Karpaczu
III Forum Przemysłowe w Karpaczu

About the Project

On December 9, 2017, Eleven Zett Productions co-organized a discussion panel "Innovations in the medical and pharmaceutical industry" organized as part of the 3rd Industrial Forum in Karpacz. Among the guests invited to present their points of view were Dariusz Dudek MD, PhD, FESC, Tomasz Wachnicki, Andrzej Białkowski-Miler, Sergiej Orłow and Jacek Bilski. The moderator of the discussion was Maciej Bogucki - Director of the European Centre for HealthCare Strategies and Policies.

During the debate, the level and availability of modern methods of treatment in Poland were critically assessed. According to experts, the current situation is due to low financing of innovation. The participants of the debate jointly agreed that without increasing the funds for the currently available technologies, Polish medicine would survive regress and even deepen the distance separating it from the countries of Western Europe.

The task of Eleven was substantive and promotional support in organizing the event, as well as its coordination on the spot.

December 2017


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